My Poem – Broken

Do you ever cry over something stupid

Just maybe you’ll be happy

Your never going to be happy because your broken

Your lost, your confuse, you will never ever be normal

People make fun of you, saying your stupid, fat, dumb

Your not normal, you’re different

No one likes you, they hate you and always will

Just maybe they’ll like you and respect you

Your a human being, a person

You don’t deserve to be treated that way

Your suppose to be happy not depressed

You need to smile just once

Why do you cry, is it because your broken

Don’t ever cry over anything stupid your unique and special

Always look for the good things in life, not bad things 

Just say these words…B-R-O-K-E-N 

Say them more and more 

You will always be happy as long as you know that you are loved Even though it’s just one person in the world

 That cares and loves you so much You are broken, and you will always be broken.

100wc – Flames

Tomorrow was the day,it was the day where my family would take me to the water park to go swimming,but as soon as I new it that day never came.

I wondered way it didn’t but I had no thoughts in my head besides the water park,it was going to be hot,so I was excited to get in the cool water but I stayed home to do chores, and homework.

My birthday was today and we celebrated with cookies and milk. The craziest thing ever was that the milk wasn’t white. It was burning with flames.

100wc – how did she get up there?

There she was sitting there, she was all alone with no one to talk to.

She eats, sits, and even walks alone. She dislikes a lot of people, but I finally became her best friend. It took me months and months…but it was worth it. I was walking the crowded halls, when all of a sudden kids were running to the entrance. I followed them outside to see what was the commotion. There she was again, she was in a tall pink cherry tree. For a long time I thought to myself….but how did she get up there?

100wc – Trees with legs?

Trees with legs?? I don’t know what’s going on, but that sounds unusual.

I feel amazed, but at the same time…confused. I had all these questions,

maybe the legs were a gift from the aliens, maybe their thanking nature for being so beautiful. I can see these beautiful legs on a tree, finally TREES CAN WALK!! The trees can go to the store and buy water for their roots. I wonder if it can move? Maybe it can, if it can I really want to talk to it. I hope it’s a nice tree, maybe it’s a mean tree.


Poem – Shadow

Shadows are dark

they are black, they are grey

they are like a little puppy thinking you

are the mother

they come out when the sun is shining

they come out when the moon glimmers in the night

shadows are sometimes there sometimes not

no matter where you go, they’re always there

shadows will follow you everywhere.


  • Kadence Doty

Orbiting Jupiter – Letter to Joseph (Spoiler Alert)

Dear, Joseph


Joseph your daughter Jupiter is doing great, she looks just like you and I know that someday she will want to know more about you. She is happy as ever, she lives with Jacky and his family. I promise Jacky and his family are taking good care of Jupiter. I’m glad your happy, I’m glad you get to see the love of your life. Jacky really misses you and I know he thinks of you when he looks at Jupiter, Jupiter is also beautiful and she really does loves you. Remember all those amazing memories? Remember all those times Jacky stood up for you? I remember that memory of you getting off the bus and Jacky didn’t hesitate, he just got off with you because that’s what friends do for eachother, they never leave a friend behind. You were always a good person in Jacky’s heart and mine. Someday you, Maddie, and Jupiter will all be together and be a happy family again.



Katie D.


My favorite memory was the one where we created an avatar. I remember when I finished my avatar I showed my avatar to my friend and someone got in the way, then my teacher and I started laughing. Mrs. Vazquez and my friend also commented on how much my avatar looked like me.